'Discover Ningxia' 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival ends on Perfect Note

Ningxia, China, Oct 22, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - 'Discover Ningxia' 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival ended on a perfect note in Ningxia. 20 international influencers and lucky fans of Ningxia, following their Discover Ningxia tour experiences, so carefully and intuitively designed for the event, enthusiastically described their Ningxia tour to an international group, enriched with live video broadcast, photography and graphics. Ningxia's deep cultural heritage, rich touristic resources and beautiful high-quality products became even more vividly displayed to friends around the world.

The 2019 Ningxia International Cultural Tourism Festival selected 'Discover Ningxia' as its theme and adopted a combination of online and offline methods to create vivid and dynamic impressions through various channels such as event marketing, immersive experience and new media communication. The challenge is presenting Amazing Ningxia in its many aspects, so that Amazing Ningxia could be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so tourists in source markets come to understand this amazing place, with motivations to travel to this destination called Ningxia.

Ningxia Tourism was launching these ideas with interactive activities on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, collecting influencers and fans from Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, Bangladesh, the UAE, Pakistan, Canada, Turkey and other countries and regions, from which it chose 20 influencers and lucky fans to come and 'Discover Ningxia' .

And a deep exploration and tour of Ningxia they have had. Whether it was the extraordinary Shuidonggou, or the astonishing Rock Paintings in Helan Mountain, which came from many thousands of years ago, intoxicating every visitor. The thousand-year-old Western Xia Mausoleum with a dynasty story which represents the mystery and uniqueness of Ningxia. Shapotou, surrounded by the desert and the Yellow River, alpine and oasis, reflecting in their eyes a beautiful picture of 'sunset by the Yellow River and a plume of smoke rising up from the desert'.

Along the way, they have seen the unique charm of Ningxia's natural scenery and historical culture. While watching the 'Bei Jiang Tian Ge' horse show, learning non-legacy dyeing, one of the intangible cultural heritage in Ningxia, or making rubbings of rock paintings, or surfing on the desert sand and yellow river rafting on rafts of sheepskin, and other activities that let them experience Amazing Ningxia and its beauty, and feel the unique cultural heritage and humanity in this part of Ningxia, to know more about and fall in love with this most authentic Ningxia.

Pai Gun Na from Thailand, two active international travel influencers, with more than 700,000 fans on major social media platforms, encountered many scenic areas of 'drop-dead beauty'. They expressed a desire to share the beautiful scenery and the activities through their lens, that their followers in Thailand and around the world might share in the beauty of Amazing Ningxia.

Geng Maderazo and Kath Figuracion of the Philippines said the beauty of Ningxia has left a deep impression on them. The unique topography and geographical landscape of Shuidonggou, and the historical sense of Zhenbeibu Western Film Studio, are so astonishing, so attractive. The performance of 'The Ancient Legend of Shapotou' was completely different, unique. If they have a chance to visit Ningxia again, they would like to bring family members to experience the natural scenery, local food and fine wine.

Tariq from the United Kingdom also expressed his love for Ningxia. He has been to China four times before, and this time he was also very happy to have the opportunity to come to Ningxia! The fine weather here was very comfortable for him. And he really likes the Rock Paintings in Helan Mountain for its long history and unique geographical landscape. In his opinion, they were well suited as film subjects. Next time, he would like to use this tourism spot as the location for a miniature movie or short film.

54 event-related articles were posted on Ningxia Tourism's overseas social media fan page during the event, reaching more than 21 million people with the engagements of 200,000 times. At the same time, 20 international influencers and lucky fans also released 300 event-related posts through social media, launching 20 live streams with 65,000 engagements, which formed a two-way interaction with the official fan page of Ningxia Tourism. And all of these also fully realized the dissemination effect of 'Discover Ningxia' 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival.

With the public appreciation and popularity of the influencers and fans, 'Discover Ningxia' 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival helped to spread the unique charm of Ningxia's special cuisine, history, culture, and natural landscape on social media, and bring greater possibilities for increasing international tourism. Although the Festival has ended, the Discover Ningxia official fan page will continue to operate and organize many more activities in order to share more Ningxia culture and tourism resources and elements, as well as bring further surprises to friends worldwide.

Contact: Grace Yang, +86 13895402284, yangjin234611@gmail.com, Ningxia Department of Culture and Tourism, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Autonomous Region, China. https://dwz.cn/et8DczFR

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#1 African Woman Investor to be highlighted at the Russia-Africa Summit

SOCHI, RUSSIA, Oct 22, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Russia-Africa Summit will welcome many African leaders, mainly men and many in the political sphere. One well-known woman will stand out. Isabel dos Santos is a globally known African investor and she speaks more than 5 languages including Russian.

Black female-owned businesses are the fastest growing economic force in the U.S. but we have yet to see this same pace in other regions of the world. The challenges are the same. The challenges that black women face as entrepreneurs are lack of startup capital, resources and loans, along with racial and gender discrimination within the largely, male-dominated sectors of financing and technology.

Russia's ties to the African continent were built up to new heights during the Soviet era as the superpower sought to aid independence movements in opposition and support post-independence governments.

Speaking at the Moscow State Institute of international Affairs last month, Russian Foreign Affairs minister Sergei Lavrov said that following the collapse of the Soviet Union, "Russian businesses began to look at promising projects abroad, and we began to return to Africa. This process has been ongoing for the past 15 years."

As Russia seeks to reassert itself on the global stage, rekindling these Africans ties are a top priority for Moscow. Trade and investment between the two parties increased 185 percent in just 10 years, between 2005 and 2015.

This week Isabel dos Santos is sure to make some heads turn at the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum in Sochi to mark the first of its kind, being the first large-scale congregation of African leaders and businesses on Russian soil since the Soviet Union's collapse. As one of Africa's largest investor and a businesswoman, she says "I am looking to fruitful discussions on how to keep Africa rising."

French-language Jeune Afrique cited Isabel dos Santos as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Africa, but it should also include Portugal. Portuguese GDP was expected to grow by 2.1% in 2018 (two decimal points above the eurozone average), 1.7% in 2019 (four decimal points above eurozone's average), and 1.7% in 2020 (again, one decimal point above eurozone's GDP growth).

As a graduate in engineering, she started her professional career at Coopers & Lybrand Portugal, later working as Project. She developed her first business in the early 90's, in the Food and Beverage sector, creating a beverage distribution logistics company and a communications system for Walkie Talkie and Tower Relay then became founder (1999) and member of the Board of Directors of Unitel, the second mobile telecommunications operator in Angola.

Her retail company Candando, with hypermarkets, cinemas and shopping malls in Angola, supports more than 300 local producers and employs over 30,000 in the country. She is a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of Banco BIC Angola and Banco BIC Portugues.

From June 2016 to November 2017, she was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sonangol, Angola's national oil and gas company during the most challenging time in her home country.

In Portugal, she is a member of the Board of Directors of NOS (formerly ZON), a cable TV company listed on the Stock Exchange, and of Banco BIC Portugues and Efacec.

Isabel dos Santos says that "We live in promising times in the awareness of the role of women in society. From the family, to the world of work, in politics, entertainment or science, the contribution of women, in all dimensions of life, has achieved an unparalleled strength. And this strength must be promoted for the good of a more just, balanced and complete society.

The entrepreneur added that the key to her success was the high growth of the Angolan economy when she began investing. "We were lucky. Angola developed. During those 15 years, between 2002 and 2017, the Angolan economy had an average growth rate of almost 8-9%," she recalled, pointing out that Angola's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew in this period, by almost 900% from $30 billion to $130 billion.

Science, Education, and Innovation for Economic Development during the Russia-Africa Summit, is a topic that Ms dos Santos will surely have a few words to say. Africa is a classic case where traditional charity has largely failed to lift people out of grinding poverty and in many cases has led to a culture of dependency stated a recent article in The Guardian newspaper, and in part for this reason, Isabel dos Santos has launched the Isabel dos Santos Merit Grant. "You have to build your confidence, and it starts with education". The merit grant is a reward for those that are ambitious students with skills to make a difference in their community, but for multiple reasons are unable to cover the cost of their education.

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Fujitsu, SMU and A*STAR Launch Digital Platform Experimentation Project using Quantum-Inspired Computing and Deep Learning Technology

SINGAPORE, Oct 22, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited, the Singapore Management University (SMU) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)'s Institute of High Performance Computing today announced the launch of the Digital Platform Experimentation Project. This new initiative forms part of the joint research and development activities at the Singapore Urban Computing and Engineering Centre of Excellence (UCE CoE).

The Digital Platform Experimentation Project was initiated under the guidance of the Urban Computing and Engineering Centre of Excellence, which was set up in 2014 by A*STAR, SMU, and Fujitsu. The CoE and the Digital Platform Experimentation Project are supported by the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) under its Urban Computing and Engineering Corporate Lab@SMU, one of the corporate laboratories that it has set up to encourage public-private R&D partnerships between universities and companies.

The project will nurture local talent and capabilities at the intersection of AI, deep learning, and quantum-inspired computing. A*STAR's Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) will play a key role in the deep learning and related AI capabilities for the project. SMU's School of Information Systems will strengthen the quantum-inspired computing and related AI optimization capabilities. Combining deep learning, AI, and quantum-inspired computing technologies into a single computational service-delivery platform will help solve very complex, large-scale, real-world problems - particularly combinatorial optimization problems at the core of planning and scheduling scenarios.

The project also taps on the CoE's research and development capabilities to implement Fujitsu technologies and accelerate the development of commercial applications using high performance optimization. This will further establish Fujitsu's global quantum-inspired and artificial intelligence (AI) eco-system, with the SMU installation marking the first-in-the-world on-premises deployment of the Fujitsu Digital Annealer platform.

As the project progresses, Fujitsu, A*STAR and SMU will work with key institutions and stakeholders in Singapore's quantum computing community.

Details of the Joint Project

The Digital Platform Experimentation Project marks the world's 1st on-premises installation of the Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer. The Digital Annealer provides an alternative to quantum computing technology, which is at present both very expensive and difficult to run. Using a digital circuit design inspired by quantum phenomena, the Digital Annealer focuses on rapidly solving complex combinatorial optimization problems without the added complications and costs typically associated with quantum computing methods. The Digital Annealer will play an important role in this initiative by allowing the partners to explore novel problem-solving approaches and methodologies for a wide variety of potential real-world applications. Use cases to date include portfolio optimization, drug discovery, factory optimization, inventory management, and digital marketing.

Another important aspect of the Digital Platform Experimentation Project is the demonstration of machine learning technology through Fujitsu's Digital Transformation (DX) Services and Platforms, which include technologies that accelerate deep learning for new applications and solutions in a variety of industries. These deep learning capabilities will prove increasingly important with the growth of edge computing and IoT devices.

In this project, SMU will benchmark Digital Annealer with exact commercial solvers (such as CPLEX and Gurobi) as well as other heuristic methods to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems. Classical methods will be combined with quantum-inspired methods to discover new hybrid algorithms that run on conventional computers to tackle practical use cases in resource planning and scheduling, such as designing daily schedules for ambulance and police cars to respond to crimes and emergencies in a congested city. This research will help to optimize resources toward a smart, safe and sustainable city.

A*STAR's Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) will contribute capabilities in developing deep learning models on real-life use cases with video data analysis for security applications, such as video anomaly detection, video action classification and real-time crowd analysis. The research focus aims to shorten video training time and significantly reduce memory footprint requirements.

Comments from each party:

Fujitsu Limited
Jo Oda, Corporate Executive Officer EVP, Head of Co-Creation Business Group, Japan Sales at Fujitsu Limited said "The DigiPlex Project will make use of Fujitsu's next generation Digital Platform which is strategically very important for Fujitsu, from both research and development and business perspectives. Fujitsu's technological contributions to the project will serve as a key enabler to realizing high performance solutions with quantum-inspired computing and AI, beyond what is currently available in the market. Upon successful implementation, Fujitsu will commercialize these solutions for the global market."

Professor Steven Miller, Vice Provost (Research) of SMU said, "Through this joint project, SMU looks forward to applying our research strengths in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and applied optimization to create intelligent resource planning and scheduling solutions. These new capabilities will make it possible to solve large-scale real-world challenges more efficiently. This will reinforce SMU's contributions to the Smart Nation and sustainability efforts of Singapore."

Dr Lim Keng Hui, Executive Director of IHPC, said, "We expect to see quantum-inspired computing exceed the limits of conventional computing in this modern age of digitalization. Through our collaboration with Fujitsu and SMU, A*STAR will develop algorithms and methodologies for resource-efficient machine learning. This will reduce memory footprint, complexity and demonstrate real world use cases for industry applications. In the longer term, we aim to deploy these technologies to address complex challenges faced in experimental and computational science."

Mr George Loh, Director (Services & Digital Economy) of NRF, said, "The R&D work being conducted in our Corporate Laboratories is maturing. This new collaboration between Fujitsu, SMU and A*STAR signifies a move towards the commercialization of research in data science and artificial intelligence for quantum-inspired computing. We are excited to see how the good progress in this collaboration will further allow Singapore to develop expertise in this field for a wide variety of practical applications in computing devices."

Press Contact:
Ms. Doris Yang
Corporate Communications
Ph: +65 6419 6525 / 9367 5336
E-mail: yangscd@hq.a-star.edu.sg
Agency for Science, Technology and Research

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網龍入選「2019年中國VR50強企業」榜單 與南昌市政府達成VR戰略合作

HONG KONG, Oct 22, 2019 - (亞太商訊) - 全球領先的互聯網社區創建者 – 網龍網絡控股有限公司(「網龍」或「本公司」;香港交易所股份代號:777)欣然宣佈,由工業和信息化部,江西省人民政府主辦的「2019年世界VR產業大會」在10月19日至21日於江西南昌舉行。本次大會的主題為「VR讓世界更精彩—VR+5G開啟感知新時代」,旨在鼓勵行業把握5G商用元年的重大歷史機遇,緊密結合當前5G賦能VR產業發展的特點,探討5G新時代如何賦予VR更穩定的技術支撐、更廣泛的應用場景、更豐富的體驗效果。網龍創始人兼董事會主席劉德建、CEO熊立博士、副總裁陳長傑受邀參會。網龍更成功入選「2019年中國VR50強企業」榜單,充分顯示業界對公司多年來深耕VR領域的認可。








網龍網絡控股有限公司(香港交易所股份代號:777)是全球領先的互聯網社區創建者,在開發和擴展多個互聯網及移動平台方面擁有優良往績,覆蓋用戶數以億計,包括建立中國首個網絡游戲門戶 -- 17173.com及打造最具影響力的智能手機服務平台 -- 91無綫,91無綫於2013年以19億美元出售給百度,此項重大交易是當時中國最大的互聯網收購合併項目。

網龍成立於1999年,成功自主研發多個著名的旗艦游戲,包括《魔域》、《征服》和《英魂之刃》,是中國最具聲譽及知名度的網絡游戲開發商之一。此外,網龍近年積極擴展在綫教育業務,管理層秉承「打造全球最大的在綫學習社區」的願景,旨在將「未來教室」普及至世界各地的學校。更多信息請訪問 www.netdragon.com。

電話:+852 2850 7266 / +86 591 8390 2825

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手遊組合多元化 中手游進入招股第三日

HONG KONG, Oct 22, 2019 - (亞太商訊) - 近年來,隨着娛樂行業的自由化、娛樂需求的加強以及網絡遊戲行業政策環境利好,網絡遊戲市場增長迅速,中國網絡遊戲市場於2018年達致人民幣2,310億元的規模,預計將於2021年達人民幣3,217億元。此外,中國居民在遊戲上的花費也迅速增長,2018年中國遊戲消費佔總娛樂支出的39.4%,自2015年起,按網絡遊戲產生的總流水賬額計,中國已成為世界最大的網絡遊戲市場,並於2018年佔全球網絡遊戲市場的45.5%。


領先IP遊戲營運商 手遊組合多元化
近來,中國IP保護制度有所改善,網絡遊戲的市場環境愈發寬鬆,中手游作為手遊市場的先鋒,共有31項獲得授權的IP以及68項自有IP,涵蓋漫畫、動畫、網絡文學及受歡迎遊戲,且獲授權的IP已擁有穩定的粉絲群體。此外,中手游在建立IP儲備方面勝人一籌,已與22名IP版權方建立合作關係,包括東映動畫、日本聚逸株式會社、盛大集團、SNK Playmore、講談社及Skybound,已就多項獲得授權的IP取得在全球各地發行手遊的權利。


發行網絡龐大 用戶基礎廣泛
在擁有領先IP儲備的基礎上,中手游還擁有中國最大的手遊發行網絡之一,可在中國所有主要平台發行遊戲,其與超過400個第三方發行渠道合作,包括主要的國內外應用市場及公開的第三方平台、手機製造商營運的應用市場及社交網絡平台,且與各大應用市場建立了長久的關係。中手游與Apple App Store保持緊密合作,並於2017年獲Apple評選為全球50大最佳發行商。其亦於手機製造商營運的應用市場發行遊戲,包括小米應用商店、華為應用市場、OPPO應用商店及vivo應用商店。


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梁在中先生獲委任為三一國際董事會主席 助力公司長期發展

HONG KONG, Oct 22, 2019 - (亞太商訊) - 三一重裝國際控股有限公司(「三一國際」或本「公司」;港交所股份代號:631)今日宣佈梁在中先生獲委任為公司董事會主席。





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Xiamen,China, Oct 22, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - 2019年10月15日から28日にかけて、最も詩的な慈善イベントが中国福建省廈門(アモイ)のコロンスにあるピアノフェリー桟橋で行われ、毎日何万人の観客が訪れました。



今回のイベントでは、寄付金の支払い方法は中国銀聯の携帯閃付支払いのほか、モバイル決済アプリ「雲閃付」および銀聯QRコードの支払いサービスも追加し、観客の愛をより安全かつスムーズに送るようにしました。 山間地域に隠された子どもたちの才能を人々に知ってもらうために、今後中国銀聯のポエムPOS端末イベントは主要都市である深セン、広州、成都、北京で行われる予定です。

担当:鐘 盧桜
TEL:+86 18321981157
Mail: yan.chung@tianyukong.com

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富士通・シンガポール科学技術庁・Singapore Management University、「デジタルアニーラ」とディープラーニング技術を活用したプロジェクトを開始

TOKYO, Oct 21, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - 富士通株式会社(注1)(以下、富士通)とシンガポール科学技術庁(注2)(以下、A*STAR)のハイパフォーマンスコンピューティング研究所(Institute of High Performance Computing、以下IHPC)、およびSingapore Management University(注3)(以下、SMU)はこのたび、「FUJITSU Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer(以下、デジタルアニーラ)」とディープラーニング技術を活用したデジタルプラットフォーム実装プロジェクトを開始します。

このプロジェクトは、富士通の量子現象に着想を得た組合せ最適化問題を高速に解くアーキテクチャである「デジタルアニーラ」とシンガポールの先端研究組織(注4)(Urban Computing and Engineering Centre of Excellence、以下、UCE CoE)の研究開発能力を活用して、商用アプリケーションの開発を促進する戦略的な取り組みです。今回、シンガポール首相府国立研究財団の支援を受けて、世界で初めて「デジタルアニーラ」のオンプレミスサーバをSMU のデータセンターに設置し、2020年9月末まで検証を行い、実用化に向けた計画を検討予定です。

富士通、A*STAR、SMUは、2014年に共同で設立したUCE CoEの下、社会課題解決に向けてさまざまな研究や実証実験を実施してきました。また、シンガポール政府は2007年より量子技術分野に多額の投資を行い、量子をはじめとする多くの技術分野における研究開発を積極的に支援し、AI、ディープラーニング、量子コンピューティングに関する地域の人材育成と能力開発を推進しています。今回、デジタルプラットフォーム実装プロジェクトにより、ディープラーニング技術とAIを「デジタルアニーラ」と組合せることにより、複雑な計算を必要とする大規模な組合せ最適化問題を解決できることを期待しています。





富士通株式会社 執行役員常務 小田成のコメント

A*STAR IHPC理事の Lim Keng Hui博士のコメント

SMU Vice Provost (Research) Steven Miller教授のコメント

NRF Director (Services & Digital Economy) George Lohのコメント



詳細は http://jp.fujitsu.com/ をご覧ください。

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TOKYO, Oct 21, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - 日立グループは、このたびの東日本を中心に甚大な被害をもたらした「令和元年台風第19号」によって被災した方々の救援や被災地の復興に役立てていただくため、総額4,000万円相当の支援を行うことを決定しました。





詳細は www.hitachi.co.jp をご参照ください。

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中手游邁入招股第二日 遊戲多元客戶黏性更高

HONG KONG, Oct 21, 2019 - (亞太商訊) - 在本港,隨時隨地均可以看到「低頭族」埋頭苦幹地玩手機遊戲,不管是乘車還是吃飯,一概「機不離手」,更甚者會花上大筆金錢課金。這種風氣造就了手遊行業的爆發性發展。根據易觀智庫的數據,自2010年以來,手機遊戲成為了網絡遊戲中的一大焦點,而手遊的易訪問性,多元化等特質令手遊日趨流行。2018年,國內的手遊市場規模已達到1,451億元人民幣。此外,隨著國內5G基站陸續建成,5G網絡已覆蓋全國多個地區,網絡通訊將會變得更快捷,有望帶動手遊行業推上巔峰。在這個大環境下,國內手機遊戲營運商及發行商——中手游科技集团有限公司(中手游;00302.HK)赴港集資上市。


多樣IP帶來重大優勢 熱門組合提升玩家黏性




註冊用戶數顯著提高 遊戲進入穩定期




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